Week 1, Aug 7-13 2017 – Phase2 Consolidation

Week 1 – Day 1, Mon – Had a bad night. Was up at 2.30 and cried till 3.45 am since she wanted water. She was not supposed to eat or drink after midnight since she was to have her spinal tap and chemo in the morning. 🙁

Started phase 2 today. This 4 week period involves –

3 Spinal taps – one every monday starting today

  • 3 Spinal taps – one every monday starting today
  • 1 chemo – today
  • Oral chemo to be had everyday for 28 days

She is never happy and very anxious when they are going to be accessing her port and hence is not a good morning. She also realizes that they give her anesthesia to put her to sleep which she does not like so another reason for anxiousness. We are hoping as the weeks progress she will get used to it so she is not as unhappy. Outside of that, once procedure is done and we are headed home, all is well. Had a good day playing with a friend and doing artwork and making presents for mommies bday.😊👍

Tue – Slept through the night and woke up fresh. First trip to the grocery store after 6 weeks. She had fun “driving” the cart and helping mommy pick stuff.😊

Spent afternoon playing with Anvi and Roma. Went outside and the girls picked some rocks for coloring. Had an overall good day and went to bed happy. 👌



Posing away……………😗😘😚

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