Day 29, Jul 27, 2017-Final Day of Phase 1

Final day of phase 1 – Thursday, 3 cheers for the little one who stayed strong and braved the excruciating pain. Yesterday was last day of steroids for this phase. It was a loooooong 28 day stretch of steroids twice a day. Aanya will see this steroid again through the course of the treatment but for not more than 5 days at a time. Only meds she is on till phase 2 starts is maintenance meds.

The side effects of this steroid should start wearing off over the next few days and we will see our little Angel return to her normal self. She has lost most of her hair and has a rounder face (side effect of the steroid but will come back to normal over the next few weeks).

Last night was miserable with next to no sleep since she was not supposed to eat or drink after midnight due to the test in the morn.

They did bone marrow aspiration and a spinal tap this morning and final detailed reports would come in sometime mid next week. Anxiously await those results. Phase 2 course of action depends on this report and is expected to start sometime late next week.

Her blood work today was good. ANC 1660 normal min is 1500, so awesome progress. Platelet 190 normal min 150, again excellent. First time in a month we are seeing it within normal range. Doc says bone marrow is working fine. Outside of this she has had a fairly decent day. Not much of an ache, still cranky, hungry all the time, but sitting n more involved in her artwork activity. Hoping for a good nights sleep.

Was given calming meds as we got to the hospital early for the bone marrow and spinal tap. Result is this cute smile. 🙂

Post procedure you still see the happy look since she now has food in front of her. 🙂

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