Day 37, Aug 4 2017 – CHOP and Franklin Museum

Day 37, Friday. Met with the oncologist at CHOP and was really glad with all he had to say. Based on her chromosome anomaly, our concern was risk for relapse and bone marrow transplant requirement. In his opinion due to the fact that she went into remission at the end of induction was a great result assuring them that she was responding well to the treatment hence putting her in Std risk category. He voiced the same opinion as that of our oncologist which made us really happy and felt reassured that we were in good hands here locally. We love our team of oncologists and nurses here and they are only 30 mins away so is very comforting.❤

He also said that this treatment would not hamper her chances of bearing children(long time away, but good to know), would not have any effect on her IQ so in short would not have any long term serious side effects. The couple things that may get effected if at all, are that she could be an inch or so shorter than had she not undergone treatment or maybe her focus levels may need to be worked on, but again nothing detrimental.

Have been told to make the most of this month since she will be recovering from first month’s heavy medications and be more herself. Should take her out, walking, playing, regular activities so as to bring her back to normal.

With having said that, we went to the Franklin Museum of Science with her after the appt at CHOP since we were right there. Aanya had fun exploring the heart and seeing the show in the Planetarium, but if you ask her what she liked most about the museum, she will prolly say the cafeteria.



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