Day 34-36, Aug 1-3 2017 – Treatment plan

Day 34-35, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Woke up a couple times again for food but slept well beyond that. Getting more and more herself. Learning to walk again since she had not much movement these past 5 weeks due to pain. We see our happy chatty angel more and more each day. With each smile she melts our hearts.

Day 36, Thursday. Went in to see her oncologist and the highlight of this hospital trip for her was the fact that there was no blood work required and hence they would not need to access her port. 🙂 Treatment plan was discussed as attached below.

  • It will last for 2-2.5 years and broken down into 5 phases.
  • The next 4 phases spanning 7-8 months will be more intensive wherein she will not be able to attend school but thereafter she should be fine for the rest of the treatment. (again presuming all will go as planned and hoped). We are working with the Education Counselor at the hospital who in turn will work with the school and provide us a robot that would enable Aanya to attend her class virtually. Hoping this will work out and she will not loose a year of school. She may attend an odd day here and there if her health permits and school allows it.
  • The remaining 18 months will be split into 3 month cycles.
  • Details for the next phase will be given at the end of each phase so as not to overwhelm us with everything up front and we think they may alter treatment a bit based on results at the end of each phase.

Next phase, Phase 2, Consolidation to begin on Monday Aug 7. After the hospital meet, we drove off directly to Philly since we had any appt with an oncologist at CHOP for a second opinion. Our oncologist here referred us to this senior oncologist who specializes in ALL and bone marrow transplants. Spent the evening relaxing in the hotel and early to bed since had an 8.15 am appt.



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